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Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Healthy Breakfast!

If you have kids, you probably know how hard it is to get them out the door in the morning with a healthy breakfast to start their day. Here are some ideas for a Quick, Easy, Healthy breakfast that they will love!

Ice Cream - for Breakfast! (really!)

Banana Nice Cream

2 Bananas, cut up and frozen overnight
1 cup Almond Milk (or Soy or Cow's)
2 TBS peanut or almond butter

1. Combine ingredients in a food processor and pulse two or three times, until smooth and creamy
2. Spoon into two bowls, serve immediately

(Recipe from Whole Foods website)

Goldilocks Favorite Meal
"Just Right Oatmeal" (Serves 4)

This oatmeal takes less than a minute of prep at night before, and it will be smooth, warm and so creamy just waiting for you to add your favorite toppings in the morning.

1 cup oats (use steel-cut if you like texture, rolled oats if you like it really creamy)
4 cups water

Combine oats and water in crock pot, cover and cook on low 7 - 8 hours (overnight.)

1/2 cup milk (or almond or rice milk)
1 cup dried fruit of choice, optional
(apples, raisins, cranberries, apricots etc)
or 1 - fresh apple (chopped)
2 - 4 TBS chopped almonds or walnuts
2 TBS coconut flakes
2 TBS brown sugar or 2 TBS real maple syrup
2-3 tsp cinnamon sugar

Super smoothie

Combine in a blender:
1 small banana
1/2 cup frozen berries
2 TBS plain yogurt
1 cup almond milk, rice milk, cows milk or orange juice

If you don't have an immersion blender (hand blender), you can make this in a regular blender. I love using the immersion blender because there is almost no clean-up!

"No Recipe Ideas"
Slice of whole grain toast or whole grain english muffin with peanut butter

Yogurt with granola

Yogurt parfait - vanilla yogurt layered with granola, fresh or frozen fruit

Sliced apple with cheddar cheese and whole grain crackers

Please - share any other ideas you have!