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Sunday, April 3, 2011

FRANCE! Ooh, La La!

The French take great pride in their vegetables and they are careful not to overcook them and they prefer to pick them only at the peak of their flavor. Green Beans are very nutritious. This recipe calls for French Haricot Verts (but you can use “regular” green beans from the supermarket or farmer’s market). Shallots are also available at the supermarket, but you can use a combination of onions and garlic if you’d like. A hearty one-dish meal can be made with the addition of other vegetables and served with a piece of French peasant bread. Our volunteers thought this would be a quick, simple and fabulous dish to bring to a pot-luck or block party! I agree!

French Green Bean and Potato Salad

4 cups (about 1.5 lbs) Haricot Verts (or regular Green Beans)
6 small red potatoes (about 1.5 lbs), peeled and par-boiled
6 – 8 shallots, minced
3 TBS olive oil
2 TBS fresh tarragon / 2 tsp dried tarragon (if you don't have tarragon, dill weed tastes great, too!)
1 TBS dijon mustard
2 TBS wine vinegar
1 head bib lettuce

• Steam the beans until tender. Place beans in serving bowl.
• Cut par-boiled potatoes into bite size pieces and add to serving bowl.
• Sauté the shallots in 1 TBS oil in a small frying pan.
• In a bowl, whisk 2 TBS oil, vinegar, mustard, tarragon, and shallots together (or add all ingredients in a small jar, cover and shake) Add to the warm beans and potatoes. Toss the salad.
• To serve, place some of the salad on a leaf of lettuce for each person.

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